Engineering, Design & Development

Our dedicated integrated design and manufacturing services team help you increase speed to market. You just need to throw your requirements and your ideas; we can help you solve the difficulties and complete the project in your expected timeline.


We have a dedicated team to speed up the prototyping process and provide you with faster product evaluations to get your products to market faster.


In-house mould tooling workshop

In-house mould workshop with experienced mould design engineers and mould making technicians assure on time deployment of your products.

New Product Introduction or Existing Product Transfer

We have a robust new product introduction process focused on manufacturability. Our existing product transfer process can be used to transfer products from current suppliers to our facility in a manageable and efficient manner. 


We have a strong procurement team and supplier roster to help customers procure the qualified materials in faster time, stable supply and high quality. 


Our manufacturing sites in China and Cambodia can help you implement your China Plus One program. Choosing us to manufacture your products means you get a true partner. We act as an extension of your own team and we treat your products as if they were ours.



We have an in-house fixture manufacturing team to produce the necessary production and test fixtures. We can focus on identified areas or test standards to verify customer concerns or reaffirm the reliability of a particular feature in our in-house laboratory.

Our in-house laboratory can do the below test items to verify the product reliability.

  • · ESD Test
  • · Noise Test
  • · Vibration test
  • · Drop test
  • · Temperature and humidity test
  • · Temperature cycle test
  • · Corrosion test
  • · Paint & silk-screening strength testWhatever test you need, we've got you covered.

Finished goods shipment

Our shipping team helps you ship your products faster and hassle-free around the world.